Golden Violins is a Philadelphia-area violin shop and music school owned and operated by Harold Golden, an award-winning musician, violin craftsman, and teacher.

Harold Golden began his career in music as a professional guitarist and string bassist but his keen interest in the construction and sound of the violin put him on the path he has been following for 30 years. After having apprenticed in a prominent violin shop in Philadelphia for 15 years, Mr. Golden opened his own shop and has been making violins and violas since 1990.

Mr. Golden makes copies of Strads, Guaneris, Amatis and Baldontonis and he makes his own design. He uses specially chosen wood from British Columbia, Vermont, New York State and Europe and his varnish is from pine resin and sandarac which is carefully and painstakingly collected at the prime time of year. Mr. Golden’s essential goal is to create a well balanced, clear bell like sound. His instruments are played by professional and amateur players in the Philadelphia area and abroad. He has studied violin making with expert craftsmen Sofian Zapf, originally of Bayreuth, Germany, Carleen Hutchins, founder of the Catgut Acoustical Society, and Ed Campbell, founder of Chimneys Violin Shop. Also, he has attended Varnishing and Acoustics master classes with Geary Baese. Mr. Golden is a member of the Violin Society of America, the Violin Makers Association of Arizona International and the British Violin Making Association. Mr. Golden has won Certificates of Proficiency from the Violin Makers Association of Arizona International and the prestigious 2008 Bob Wallace Award.

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